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My Story

Lessons from my mom that continue to guide my journey

my story

My story isn’t unique or drama filled; but it’s mine and it is the foundation for who I have been, who I have become and who I am evolving to be.


I am the daughter of Cuban Political Refugees who came in 1960 leaving everything and everyone they knew behind.  My mom was 19 going on 20. When they arrived, they did everything necessary to ensure the basics; a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Within a few months, feeling sick, my mom went to the doctor thinking she had a liver condition (she had suffered from issues previously). Her liver condition turned out to be my brother! 🤣  Knowing she needed to continue to better herself and pursue her dreams, my mom worked 2 jobs, went to NYU at night to finish her Masters while pregnant with my brother (A.K.A. the liver condition)


She never shied away from a challenge. As a woman and Hispanic (a real double whammy in the 1960’s) she plowed through. She would laugh when people would say things like “Oh, you don’t look Hispanic!” As if it were a compliment; and respond with “Oh you don’t look American” – a classic “Isabel” line for sure. Nothing ever stopped her from moving forward and pursuing the “American Dream”.


2 kids, one PhD later, reaching the top of her profession (in a male-dominated world of Academia) she started a little consulting business on the side for "a little extra cash”. By the time she passed away from cancer in 2016, she had a hugely successful business, multiple homes, had managed to raise two kids on her own.  She never stopped, working through her cancer treatments and never missing a moment in her grandchildren’s lives.


My mom has always (and continues to be) my inspiration.  She was a Sassy Cubana; she raised a sassy Cuban/American daughter and I have passed that sass on to my daughter, Isabel, my mom’s namesake.


When the Pandemic hit earlier in 2020, Marketing and Advertising jobs were all put on hold.  Faced with that new reality, I decided to put my marketing experience to work for myself! I always wanted to start my own business; now seemed as good of a time as any.


Glam & Glo was built on 4 key principles my mother taught me:

  • Everyone deserves respect (even those who treat you poorly)
  • Never take advantage of anyone because of their position or station in life
  • You have to work hard to achieve great things
  • Nothing comes for free


My dream is to one day be big enough that I can provide mentoring to women who are in need of a second chance and provide them with the encouragement, and skills to pursue new opportunities and dreams. It’s my way of giving back in a meaningful, constructive way.  (And hopefully, provide them with some new beautiful accessories for their job interviews or upcoming big meeting.) Reality is, we all have a story that sets things in motion.  However, I think we all have the ability to create the path that keeps our story evolving. My story is starting a brand new chapter, and so far, I am loving the plot development. 😉


As for Glam & Glo, keeping in line with the 4 key principles my mom taught me, we put our customers first and foremost. We don't take advantage via pricing or shipping and we don't compromise quality for the price. Jewelry and accessories are the cherry on the Sundae. I just want women to realize that they are the Sundae!




(wife, mom, entrepreneur, Sassy Latina)