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A Message To Our Customers

Our goal at Glam & Glo is to provide beautiful, fashion forward accessories at affordable prices; what we refer to as Attainable Fashion. To that purpose, we are focusing our sourcing efforts on the quality of the products and how they arrive at your door. While I LOOOOVE a beautiful package (because it's always about presentation) it does add to the overall cost of the item and the shipping. Additionally, we are very focused on reducing waste. Therefore, we are foregoing additional boxing and wrapping. By doing this, we can keep the weight and size of our packing down, which allows our partners to be more efficient when shipping by saving space and fuel. It also allows us to offer you FREE Shipping on all your purchases within the  United States, our way of thanking you for your patronage. All these seemingly small actions provide a positive impact for the environment. To that end, Glam & Glo is ensuring that your purchase does arrive well protected and in perfect condition.We appreciate your understanding and hope that in the end you are thrilled with a little Glam we are sending your way.
Founder, Glam & Glo