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Gloria's Announcement


Welcome to my blog! 

Hello and welcome to Glam & Glo and the G&G Blog.  In just two short weeks I will be launching my new passion project and site and I couldn’t be more excited.  But who am I? What is my so- called passion project and why should you care?  Great questions!


My name is Gloria (many friends call me Glo) and I am a mom of 2 amazing kids, 2 furbabies, wife to an incredibly supportive husband, career marketer, and a closet entrepreneur. What is a closet entrepreneur? An entrepreneur that dreams of owning and running their own business but never acted on it. Never acted partially due to time, money and figuring out the “what”.  In recent years I have joined the reseller community mainly as a way to get rid of items.  See, I grew up in a world where you throw nothing away (not in a hoarding way) in a “someone else could use it” way.  I have always donated items.  Then I joined a reseller platform and suddenly was getting rid of things and making a little money.  Once I put a little more time and effort into it I was making more and so my hobby started to become something more. Suddenly I found myself thrifting, giving used items a spruce up and reselling them! I even scored new items and designer items for incredible prices. Reselling has become a true phenomenon, with its main focus on sustainability and affordability. It’s also a way to obtain fashionable items that you otherwise can’t afford or fathom paying ridiculous retail prices for! 


As someone who has always loved the finer things but was not willing to pay ridiculous prices, I thought there must be a happy medium for people like me.  I work hard and would like to treat myself now and again but without the guilt of the big expenditure. Wouldn’t you? And so Glam & Glo was born, where you can shop for what I call Attainable Fashion.  My “closet entrepreneur” stepped out of the closet and began researching, curating and testing new items that I could bring to you at price points that won’t make you cringe. Glam & Glo’s goal is to ensure our products are:

Beautiful, fashionable and attainable.

When I get dressed and accessorize whether for work, date night or a soccer game, I realize that I am saying something about myself. The colors and items themselves will either compliment or create the mood I am in and say something about me.  It’s another way to express myself and project that message to others.  When someone compliments me on something and says “wow those earrings are gorgeous, must have cost a fortune”, I love saying NOPE, I paid less than $25 for these! I love when my very fashion savvy teenage daughter says, “Oooh, I like those” because then I know I have hit on something. (my focus group of one!) And when my teenage son says, “look at you Glo, nice outfit” well then life is complete!! (insert emoji eye roll) lol.  

My goal with the G&G Blog, is to have a continuous dialogue about a diverse number of issues; motherhood, entrepreneurship, fashion, sustainability…you name it; let’s talk about it! But I don’t want this to be a one-way dialogue, I want to hear from you!! Please ask me questions; send pictures of looks you love or would like to see, topics you care about. 

Glam & Glo has been a long time coming. I want to thank my family, especially my husband for his encouragement, support and help! Over the coming months you will meet my incredible family and cheering squad.  

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for our official launch this April!

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