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The Magical Allure Of The Necklace!

Raise your hands if you feel that dark pull of gold and silver lust every time you see gorgeous strands of a necklace in your favourite shop. I do; guilty as charged!! I have a passionate love affair with them as they add an extra dollop of oomph and pizzazz to an everyday outfit. It has been my go-to accessory on numerous weddings and music festivals. I am capitalising on the comfort-dressing trend and even pair my loungewear with this chic accessory during those daily video calls.


If you dig deep into the treasure trove of accessories, you will stumble upon the earliest type of beautiful ornaments called the necklaces worn by humans. They often served ceremonial, religious, magical, or funerary purposes and were also used as symbols of wealth and status, given that they were of precious metals and stones. It is that traditional relic, which has and probably will stay as an accessory of adornment for women (and men?!) in years to come.


Style enthusiasts have tussled with their take on the necklace for some time now – playing second fiddle to earrings in the accessory department. With the re-emergence of boho necklace trends; there is no question in my mind that we have hit peak fashion necklace nostalgia. The GlamandGlo necklace collection fits seamlessly in with our current obsession of all things classic; time to revel in its versatility. It seems to be sweeping through the zeitgeist and, thus, the mass fashion market too.

Over the years, the necklaces have evolved to form an integral part of the global fashion vocabulary. They come in a variety of design landscape from chunky chokers to the subtly layered strings, to the festoon and bib necklaces.


The challenge, therefore, lies in re-inventing this age-old piece of jewellery to give it a global cool-girl relevance. Necklaces act as a blank canvas conveying a lot about the women wearing them; their style, mood, an occasion to name a few. I often tell myself; it can be whatever I want it to be from the promise of a sleek, well-ordered better version of myself, a superior mini-me or, a merely beautiful souvenir of my travels.  

Design is born out of nature's most exquisite handiwork. It's unsurprising, then, that it carries an intrinsic emotional value too. It is for this very reason I am drawn to Isabel's first jewellery collection as it is an intertwining of personal stories, strong artistic vision and exquisite craftsmanship. Style made simple collection dreamily floats to unpack the traditional codes that we are all familiar with, reworking them and playing with that tension to create a young, fresh, modern dialogue between the two.

Call it a modern-day outfit's amplifier if you will, but necklace plays a significant role in elevating silhouettes, whether it's a summer dress or a sharp pantsuit. The layered necklaces and chokers seem to be having their moment in the sun with many a designer playing with this accessory in myriad shapes, sizes, designs and colours.

One of the real hazards of WFH (work from home) is that we are all struggling to be motivated to dress up. There is no denying this shift in our new standard has also led to a new way of thinking and dressing, making the GlamandGlo neckpieces a pivotal component of every wardrobe. A lot of women like me are looking for easy fuss-free jewellery; something which is easy to put on with the minimal effort and looks great too.

Here are some of my favourite ones from the collection:


Kaiya Layered Necklace

Focusing on form, clean lines, colour and how it 'protects from bad luck' is the design outset of the Kaiya layered necklace. You could style this piece of jewellery with blue jeans, T-shirt, cardigan, with a pair of heels for an instant glam look. It is the perfect size for all your everyday essentials; quickly translating to evening wear.










Tiny Dream Layered Choker

Taking this visceral idea of twisting and manipulating metal seems to be the start of the creative dialogue. The Tiny dreams layered choker look to arts for inspiration; particularly outlines and finishes, which symbiotically feed into its design. 




Bling Flower Choker

This rainbow rhinestone crystal chain necklace allows the wearer to feel in control of their narratives and being able to declare themselves, especially at a time when people feel like they can't or shouldn't be themselves. 

Team this choker with a plunging neckline for a sensual play on style.





Vintage Boho Layered Necklace 

For an instant roll-up-and-go summer mood; add the four individually layered Vintage boho necklace to your accessory edit this season. 

Although monotone necklace looks do have the currency in my style book; I often look to colours that compliment my favourite gold metal. The blues and greens in this neckpiece work perfectly well complimenting the rusticism of gold; by acting as blocks of sunshine revamping the entire look.




The Layered Pearl & Chain Choker

Ah, the pearls!! They never fail to appeal to my inner Grace Kelly- feminine and refined or toughened-up when worn with jeans and a leather jacket.

This choker gives the pearls a casual twist by mixing it with chain metal and gold strings with one of a kind pendants. In the words of jewelry historian Vivienne Becker' Pearls has offered an irresistible invitation to subversive reinterpretation.' It represented both purity and power and celebrated for being so.  


Being progressive is redefining the current spirit and the young women who buy Glam & Glo collection. There are different influences of culture woven into the jewelry, and ultimately, it is representative of an international woman.


Dina Udupa is the designer of her London based eponymous women’s wear brand. With a career in fashion spanning the globe, she recently launched her luxury brand: a concept that combines a love of the opulent, mystical designs of my native India, infused with a passion for travel and cultural exploration. Dina Udupa is a celebration of luxurious fabrics in simple, elegant design forms.