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Nature Trail – Jewelry & Accessories Collection

Inspired by Spring 2020 Fashion Runway


When I was first curating items for our various collections, I spent time researching the fashion cues being sent from the runway shows and designers.  In my first trend blog I broke down one major trend toward using and incorporating “natural materials”.  This includes natural stone (even unfinished precious stones), bamboo, wood, rattan and more.  


Glam & Glo’s Nature Trail Collection is focused precisely on this.  The use of natural stone in earrings, necklaces and bracelets is very popular trend. It’s why we have the Natural Stone Hoops for example available in 7 different stone types and colors.  The beauty of these earrings is that no two stones are alike. This gives each hoop a slightly different dimension. The hoop itself is gold toned and thin with only half the hoop covered in stones which makes them light and wearable all day. Part of the appeal of stones are not just the variety of the colors but the fact that they are not evenly cut and uniform. They tend to be polished to bring their beauty to light but jagged edges, uneven cuts are part of the charm. Designers are taking traditional pieces and working around the natural shapes of stones vs forcing the stones to conform.  We have seen the trend of stones rings and drop earrings for a while now. Designers are taking traditional silhouettes such as hoops and stud earrings and incorporating these multi-dimensional materials. 

Stone bracelets have been a fashion item for a while now but we are seeing more mixed themes, materials and colors being incorporated. Many are adding symbols such as evil eyes, tassels for a more finished look and gold beads to help them blend with other pieces.  Stone bracelets also tend to be unisex. For example, my son likes black stone bracelets so I will break up a set and wear the gold and multi colored or tasseled pieces and he the monochromatic ones. Many stones are thought to have certain properties for healing and thoughtfulness which add another dimension to the style. They are also the easiest pieces to layer and play with. Stones bracelets are perfect for a layered look as well.


Rattan is also a material we are seeing not just in housewares anymore.  We are seeing them in bracelets (specifically in bangles), bags, and earrings.  What I love about rattan is the handmade quality it brings to a piece.  It’s also a neutral color by nature so wearing them is not hard at all. Rattan pieces also tend to provide an authentic, ethnic feel to the pieces which is very different than the ethnic themes in a Boho like collection. For one thing less metals are used. The challenge is to find pieces that are not overwhelming, overdesigned and not too big. I love the earrings we offer because of their simplicity.  It wasn’t easy though to find small easy to wear pieces but I think we have done a good job with the options we provide. Rattan is definitely not a new concept in jewelry design however it is in the forefront for many designers and a trend that is sure to stay for a good long while.





Sustainability, as a philosophy, has become a guiding principle for how fashion is sold, used and manufactured. It’s been a growing trend for a while.  It is what has been behind the success of reselling platforms for a few years now (a different trend we will address and discuss further in the future).  For us, as a small business, it is also in the forefront of how we ship and operate. From a product offering perspective, it is the reason for our Reusable Canvas Totes.  They are fashionable, but more importantly reusable.  I use them when I go shopping, for work (fits a laptop) for weekends, the beach etc.  One bag has multiple uses.  The neutral colors make it work with anything. Incorporating a piece like this into Nature Trail just made sense.


The trend toward these materials in jewelry and accessories has been around for a while however always as niche market segments.  We are seeing them becoming more mainstream in everyday pieces and the trend is only expanding and will be around for quite a while.


Curious to learn more and explore our Nature Trail Jewelry & Accessories Collection and take a look.


Do you have any particular questions about trends or piece types? Have you spotted something interesting? We want to hear about it!  Send us your thoughts, ideas and comments to We will address it in our next issue.




Founder, Glam & Glo