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Spring 2020 Trend Alert


Spring 2020 Trend Alert

Spring is always a great time to freshen up the wardrobe. You can change an entire look but switching out accessories.  So what are the latest trends for Spring 2020?

Shape Shifting

We are seeing old standards take on new forms.  Chokers in chunky links or with sphere like designs. The lariat also infusing more geometrics than before taking on the role of sleek, modern and simplicity. Chokers are taking on the bolder approach, feeling almost like body armor.  Because of this shape shifting on these traditional pieces we are seeing them worn over high collared blouses, sweaters and layered with scarfs. 

Hoop de Loop

The hoop isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  It has become a fashion staple. Some designers even creating one giant hoop to be worn on one ear.  From diminutive, to large, asymmetrical, mixed materials, the hoop keeps evolving and you can never have too many.  You will also see the marriage of nature and hoops more and more.

A visit back to Nature

From the high end to the everyday fashion look, we are going to see an influx of materials you see in nature.  Everything from shells, feathers, wood, raffia, etc. While many love Diamonds and real metals, there is also more of a conscience effort to sustainability and natural products which require less manufacturing and strain on the environment. So be on the look out for Nature infusions to your accessories.

Bling Anywhere

Designers are adding bling and design elements to socks and shoes more and more. The anklet has also made a big comeback. Many make the anklet part of the sock! Designers are taking everyday items and giving them a fashion twist, again highlighting how an accessory can change an entire outfit.