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Business in the Age of COVID-19

We are living through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 Pandemic has halted the world, killed tens of thousands and millions in the US are unemployed.  Perfect time to start a business, right? 

Glam & Glo was already in the making when the Pandemic started to hit our shores and I was too far into the planning to just stop. (Not to mention I never start something I can’t finish) This is not to say I didn’t have many moments of doubt along the way. But I also noticed reselling was still going strong, the lockdown was moving business’ even further into the digital space and shopping habits were definitely adjusting. From that perspective, starting an online business seemed safe and less risky.  Businesses have adjusted available stock to those items that are deemed essential; food delivery services are struggling to keep up with delivery demand and delays in shipping times are the new normal (Amazon had us spoiled up to now).

One thing though has remained true during the most difficult of times. People look for signs of hope and escapism from grim realities; they become more aspirational. During the great depression, Hollywood focused on movies that showed glamor, the ritzy side of life with happy, singing people.  (Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers movies, Ziegfeld Follies, etc). During WWII, similar take in Hollywood and though there was a shortage of nylon, women painted stocking lines on their legs, threw on lipstick and went dancing, listened to big band music which was all the rage. Yes, I am oversimplifying to make a point. Not unlike the grim days after 9/11, people took a step back and focused on hope and a better tomorrow. That together we would get through this. Once again, I am reminded that the very backbone of the American psyche is that of hope, aspiration and better days ahead. 

So, what does this have to do with Glam & Glo today? My goal for it was always to provide aspirational products at attainable prices. Items which for the most part are both fashionable and functional. Some are simply just adorable and a nice to have. As I sat each day during lockdown listening to the updates and briefings, I was at the same time picking products, choosing colors, chatting with vendors and carefully reviewing quality. I was fully aware of the juxtaposition of the news on my TV and the beautiful assortment of products in front of me.  But I realized that building this business was providing me all the reminders I needed to forge forward. The most obvious was creating a business that in a very small way could stimulate commerce and hopefully be fruitful.  But even more than that, I found great joy picking each item, deciding on colors, coming up with names, making sure each name evoked a positive thought or memory. I became even more resolved to stand by my motto of Attainable Fashion.  The Glam & Glo business would provide the best quality possible at affordable prices so as people return back to some semblance of normal life, they feel good again about celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions and as such, had a place to buy a gift for someone or themselves and not feel guilty. 

Yes, starting a business in the age of COVID-19 seems completely nonsensical, but emotionally, psychologically and economically, it’s what is needed. If there is one thing that has become painfully clear during this Pandemic it’s that small businesses are a representation of the American Dream come true and more importantly are the foundation so much is built on.  I hope Glam & Glo is part of the new foundation rebuilding the path to recovery. A place where just window shopping our site makes you smile, where buying something doesn’t make you feel guilty and where, if there is something you love today but need to wait, it will still be there when you are ready.

Founder of Glam&Glo

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