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2022 – Jewelry Fashion Trends & Why It Makes us Feel Good

I don’t know about you but I am truly shocked that January has come and gone.  Like WT heck happened? I mean my tree is gone, but there are still decorations hanging around my apartment lol. But enough about that, let’s talk jewelry trends in a post pandemic world.

There are a few things that are notable:

  • Color: Color plays a huge role in jewelry selection
  • Layering: whether it’s necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets
  • Mix Your Metals: yup; it’s ok to mix it up!
  • Shapes: the More the merrier

 Let’s talk Color

During the pandemic, jewelry (mainly fashion jewelry) played a very different role.  Colorful, playful jewelry saw a renaissance.  It’s not hard to understand why. If you have ever done a color study, colors can alter your mood, thought process, psychology etc. Colors evoke feelings, and memories.  When we first started our business at the start of COVID, we focused on colors mainly what we refer to as happy, positive colors. Color still plays a huge role in our product selection such as, our Layered Tassel Earrings or our latest addition the Big Bling Hoop Earrings . So, if red makes you happy, then wear them on your next ZOOM meeting!


Yup, layering is still a thing and I for one am here for it. The beauty of layering? It’s a way to express yourself with a bit of whimsy and flair. My latest layering duo is actually putting together two of my personal favorites, the Sweet Butterfly Choker and the Butterfly Necklace. I added a small silver necklace to the look that was in my personal collection.  It was just the right amount of flirty. 😍

Now if you are not comfortable putting pieces together, purchasing a layered piece is the way to go. For a more daring look, something like the multi layered vintage necklace pair with a cami or V-Neck tee. Add any gold chain you own for a little ‘extra’. And of course you never go wrong with pearls to break up a layered gold look. And if necklaces aren’t your thing, layer up with some colorful bracelets! (see what I did there?) 😉 Layering for some reason makes me feel confident.

Mix Your Metals

The beauty of fashion jewelry is there are no rules.  You make them. So, mix your metals.  Stack your stone bracelets with a gold and silver bangle.  Throw in a cord bracelet or two. Mixing silver and gold at one time was a no-no.  Then the tri colored rings became the iconic blend of perfection. So, stack those pieces.  And let’s not forget one of my most favorite and often forgotten colors, Rose Gold! Mix it up, throw away convention.

Love all Sizes and Shapes

In recent years, geometric design has taken over especially in the earring category. (and thank goodness).  Earrings have become THE statement piece, mainly due to the unique use of shapes, symmetry, form, and materials.  Hoops are no longer just circles. Hoops come in all sizes and symmetry. I personally love switching up and mixing earrings. It’s why during the pandemic I got extra ear piercings 🤣 (a story for another day).

While my staple look are stud earrings with a simple pearl, I love a fun colorful hoop. I also love my pearls so of course, I added the Freshwater Pearl Drops to the collection.  I mean they are a drop, mixed materials (and pearls) plus color. TRIFECTA!

Bottomline, jewelry makes us feel good.  It is a little added luxury to our day. A little bit of color goes a long way to helping us cope and approach life differently. Thank goodness fashion jewelry can do that without breaking the bank!

Maybe there is something to seeing the world through

rose-colored glasses after all. ♥️